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Best Android and IOS Language Translation Apps

Do you want to learn a new language? Or you need to speak many languages while traveling or for your business purpose? Don’t worry. It’s just one click away from you. Download any of these apps to translate any language you want.

1. Google Translate

  • Free language translation app for both Android and iPhone
  • Supports text translations in 103 languages and speech translation (or conversation translations) in 32 languages
  • Capable of doing camera translations in 38 languages and photo/image translations in 50 languages
  • Translates handwriting in 93 languages
  • Offline translation in 59 languages
  • Performs translations across apps
  • It does not recognize long sentence or multisyllabic word in a noisy place
  • Also, it is not good at recognizing proper names or names of places.

2. iTranslate

  • Free (limited) translation app for Android and iOS with a premium/paid (full) version
  • Supports text translations in over 100 languages and speech translations in 40 languages
  • Camera translation (in the premium version)
  • Dictionary and phrasebook
  • Offline mode
  • You need to pay $5.99 per month and $49.99 for a yearly subscription to upgrade the premium version of the app.
  • Offline features, website translation, camera translation, voice-to-voice conversations, and verb conjugations features are available only on the premium version of the app.

3. Microsoft Translator

  • Free language translation app for iPhone and Android
  • Supports text translations in 64 languages and speech translation in 21 languages
  • Supports camera and image translation
  • Enables multi-person translated conversations
  • Features a phrasebook as well as pronunciation guides
  • Allows translation sharing between apps
  • It is entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads.
  • The app doesn’t support translating a conversation in two languages. Currently, the translations are unidirectional only.
  • It offers limited languages

4. SayHi

  • Free translation app for Android and iOS
  • Supports text and speech translations in 90 languages
  • Camera translation capable that can translate some Asian characters
  • Can translate and copy translations across apps
  • Male and female voices for speech translation with the ability to slow down speech speed
  • Works only when the internet is switched on.

5. TripLingo

  • Free (limited) translator for Android and iOS with a premium/paid (full) version
  • Instant voice translation in 19 languages
  • Comes with more than 26,000 phrases in 13 languages
  • Has over 30,000 professionally recorded translation audios
  • Provides an offline language dictionary with approximately 10,000 words
  • Image translation capable
  • Allows users to connect to a human translator (premium service) for getting more accurate live translations
  • It requires email address to start like filling a form before you can even try the app.
  • Does not support all the languages
  • Paid version gives you more features

You must know these things before choosing these translation apps!!

  • Price: Whether it is free or not
  • How many languages can be translated
  • Devices that the apps will support
  • Features
  • An offline or online version
  • Speed
  • Accuracy

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